Validating culturally diverse students

C., Rogelberg, S., King, E., Ordonez, Z., Wichert, I., & Rasch, R. Understanding the Queen Bee Effect in the Workplace: A Cross-cultural Examination.

The Role of Institutional Voids, Institutional Support and Institutional Configurations. Beugelsdijk, S., Slangen, A., Maseland, R., & Onrust, M. The impact of home–host cultural distance on foreign affiliate sales: The moderating role of cultural variation within host countries. The Usefulness of GLOBE Dimensions in Analyzing Consumer Perceptions of Advertising: Results from Multinational Studies. A multilevel cross-cultural examination of role overload and organizational commitment: Investigating the interactive effects of context. This page describes the Academic Word List (AWL), giving information on what the AWL is, as well as a complete list of all words in the AWL. More dynamic tools for understanding and using the AWL words can be found in other sections of the website, namely the AWL highlighter and gapfill maker, AWL tag cloud and gapfill maker and the AWL finder.The Academic Word List (AWL), developed by Averil Coxhead at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, contains 570 word families which frequently appear in academic texts, but which are not contained in the General Service List (GSL).

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