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If so, you could configure it by following the instructions outlined on the article.

If you're not using a proxy or firewall but you're still having a connection problem, then you might need to change some Internet settings.

Group messages and messages with attachments less than 5 MB will be charged at the multimedia messaging rate, according to your messaging plan.

When using Verizon Messages (Message ) outside of the US, Global Data charges will apply.

Please make sure that you have properly set up any proxy or firewall that you may be using on your computer.

If you are unsure of whether you have a proxy or firewall, you can check by going to your Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Center on Windows.

Please try again later" sounds like a product failure. The first tech did change the DNS to 8888 but the issue didn't resolve itself.

The last tech who actually managed my TV by remote changed the DNS to 2.222, their fastest server, and the problem still occurred. Even though they didn't think that was the problem, they increased my speed to test it and the issue was still present. The issue of the smart part and how makers will keep it working over the years is a big question.

Also, make sure the firmware is completely up to date on the television as well.He also reset my tv back to original settings with no change. I'm left with a bad feeling here your TV is dead or incompatible with your internet. If Samsung can't fix it then you have a warranty issue the if they can't resolve means you can ask for refunds and go with other makes.Bob I bought a Samsung 32" smart tv today and on the second time turning the television on, I was prompted with the same message: "Preparing TV.If Verizon Messages is listed in the search results, your device is supported.If it isn't listed, the app isn't supported on your device. Support for more new and existing devices will be added regularly.

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