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Deadline reports that You Tube Red, the company’s premium service, is looking to capitalize on that by creating a brand new show based on the idea of the Tinder app. “We are excited to be in business with Carly Craig, Jeremy Garelick and Daniel Reisinger to create a comedy about dating anxiety in the social media age,” Susanne Daniels, Global Head of Original Content, You Tube, said about the show.“We know our You Tube audience will fall in love with , a relatable, hilariously awkward but always honest portrayal of dating, relationships and adulthood(ish) from this talented female-led ensemble.” The premise of the show, which will be an 8-episode series, is actually based on a true story by Craig.The worlds of You Tube Red and the Tinder social dating app are about to collide.People have plenty of stories, both pleasant and horrifying, to tell when it comes to dating apps.You can certainly take steps to guard your personal data against hackers to some extent, but if you’re using services on the internet, then there’s not much you can do if their security – or a related third-party working with the firm – is lax.THE Russian child genius who says he was born on Mars claims the secret to all human life can be found INSIDE the Great Sphinx of Egypt.The multi-generational comedy about love and relationships will be executive produced by Craig, Reisinger, Robin Schiff (), and Jeremy Garelick, with Reisinger set to direct and Schiff being the co-showrunner alongside Craig.

He claims his own race of Martians was virtually wiped out in a nuclear conflict thousands of years ago and he fears we are now heading in the same direction.

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The show will revolve around three women, with Craig as a 35-year-old single woman who is fed up with her solitary life.

She decides to do the extreme by not only using Tinder to date, but vowing to go on a date with each and every match she receives, which total 252.

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