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Wondering if you are still suggesting that it is really dangerous to drink coffee aboard an aircraft.

If there was an issue – it would seem like the airlines would have fixed it by now.

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This basically means that if you construct a new hotel, there is a likelihood that your partners will be Cuban military and government officials.

Are you really suggesting that I bring a cup of Starbucks aboard my future morning flights? Let’s just say that those savvy travelers who do their research, stay away from coffee and tea cooked aboard aircraft using tank storage water that has not been properly brought to the boiling point.

That makes it possible for storage tank well-documented bacterial content to exist in the water.

A – Actually, business to Cuba is down significantly, Alaska Air says by 80% since the November 9th U. government decision to end the people-to-people program.

Given the sharp reduction in business, Alaska, along with several other operators, have cancelled or reduced their operations to Cuba.

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