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"It shows us that the we have to be more vigilant with our businesses in Montreal," Montpetit told Radio-Canada, referring to the province's language laws, which enshrines customers' right to be served in French.

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"With multiple major projects in development in Montreal, we are merging Bio Ware Montreal with Motive Studios.

This is an ongoing process, but there are many exciting roles and opportunities for everyone on the team." The merge comes after reports that the Mass Effect series was to be put on hold after the underwhelming release of Bio Ware Montreal's Mass Effect: Andromeda, and that the studio would instead be focusing on Bio Ware's other titles.

Logo TV, the show's broadcast station, released a statement on April 14, 2014 saying: "We wanted to thank the community for sharing their concerns around a recent segment and the use of the term 'she-mail' on Drag Race.“Bio Ware continues its work on new titles – including the highly-anticipated game, Anthem," EA's statement continued."What’s coming next for Bio Ware is very exciting, and we’re thrilled to have Casey Hudson returning to lead the studios in Edmonton and Austin.” EA Motive, headed by ex-Ubisoft exec Jade Raymond, is currently working on Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and other unannounced projects.Shemale (also known as she-male) is a term primarily used in sex work to describe a trans woman with male genitalia and female secondary sex characteristics, usually including breasts from breast augmentation or use of hormones.Many transgender people regard the term shemale as offensive, arguing that it mocks or shows a lack of respect towards transgender individuals; A gynandromorph is an organism that contains both male and female characteristics.

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