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The tram is also a restaurant Read More Things we love: Miami installed the first bank ATM especially for rollerbladers. Ben’s Cookies was founded in Oxford – you guys are worth getting fat Read More Things we love: 300 sunny days a year.It’s always sunny Even the mannequins in shop windows have massive fake like tits There is always some huge party, or some mega DJ playing Even the 5 star hotels have wild parties Miami Read More Things we love: The drinks; Aperol Spritzs/Negronis galore. Palo de Mallorca, the local brew is dark, bitter and a bit bizarre but grows on you after you’ve had a few.In Ibiza it is thought to be Read More Things We Love: The street food is worth the calorie count: try a “dondurma” (chewy Turkish ice cream) The views – they make up for the steep hills. It’s full of Read More Things we love: Missing the wildlife at Trafalgar Square?

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No longer lightweights, we’re heavy weight champions, we’ve prepped our livers and have decided it’s time to go global and bring you the best bars in the world.The Read More Things we love: There is phone service on the metro, even if it feels a million miles underground and you can’t read any of the signs. Moscow is huge – we’re talking 18 million Read More Things we love It’s seriously cheap. Sit back and roll with it – that’s just how it’s done here. If there’s ever a time to try a pint of the brown stuff, Read More Things we love: It’s full of vikings. ‘Sans Carte’ bars – just tell the bartender what you like and let him decide. Read More Things we love: Perth boasts the largest inner city park in the world.People in Mumbai have ‘train friends’ that last for years. Eat everything: gumbo, po’boys, jambalaya, beignets… This is the birthplace of the cocktail thanks to one Antoine Peychaud and his therapeutic Read More Things we love: It never sleeps. Taking the subway over to Dumbo and walking the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. The subway runs 24 hours a day, Read More Things we love: Geordies are damn friendly, you’ll make best mates at the bar no doubt (… As the sunniest capital in the world (average 8 hours per day), everyone is high on vitamin D. Being only 80 miles Read More Things we love: The Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world.It’s like Read More Things we love: The bar talent, Lyon is home to winners of many of France’s prestigious cocktail competition titles.The velo’v, Lyons city bike system and one of the first of its kind inspiring Paris’s velib. Lyon is Read More Things we love: – Madrileño bartenders aren’t sticklers for the rules when it comes to serving size – serves are epic.

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