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It was all Carla could do not to cum right away too, but she wanted to let Amy get deeper inside Ava's ass. Amy obviously wanted the same thing, for she pressed forward without waiting for Ava to recover. And through it all Ava gasped and cried in ecstasy.

"She's done anal before," Amy said with another happy laugh. Carla had no idea how long they double penetrated their mother.

By the time they went to bed, both of them were utterly exhausted. When she awoke the next morning, it took her a while to work out if the previous evening had actually happened or if it had been some kind of weird, horrific dream.

Had she really turned her sister into a Futa, fucked her, and then had a threesome with her own mother?

Her big breasts were barely contained by the fabric, and soon she had unclipped the bra too.

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but ..." There were so many arguments against it, but right at that moment Carla could not think of any. She had never admitted it, not even to herself, but she had always thought her mother was quite hot."Mum," she said, "please listen to me." Ava flinched away from her. She will remember nothing of what she has seen." No, Carla thought. She fell forward onto Carla, gasping and moaning into her ear. The harder she fucked Ava, the more Carla tried to match her. Ava moaned around Carla's dick, still lodged in her throat. She put her hands to her belly as if she wanted to feel the cock through her skin. Ava's body tensed up as Amy pressed the tip of her cock against her butt.The sensation of all that cum flooding her body sent Ava over the edge too. You have become the woman I knew you were capable of.The three of them held each other as they rode the orgasms. None of them were particularly eager to move, either. We shall clear Ava's mind as soon as you are ready.

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