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"With any antique or collectible, if it's not in good shape, leave it there," Verderame advises.

For the young at heart, vintage toys are the way to go.

Yet the traits she finds most frustrating in Andy are due to more than just stereotypical male behaviour.

It means Andy, 46, an accountant from Honiton, Devon, can have problems with social interaction and communication.

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Often they're the expert at what they do, but when they get home, they're in an emotional environment and out of their comfort zone."What keeps its value pretty well is Kutani chinaware." The Japanese white porcelain offers such craftsmanship, you can hold it up to the light and see exactly how thin it is. Meissen porcelain, from the German town of the same name.Don't pay big bucks just because it's authentic though.The lithographed tin variety are especially covetable."They can sell for and you flip them online for somewhere between 0 to 0," Verderame says.

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