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A local newspaper reporter noted that a box of dung fuse-lighters landed over by the school gymnasium.

Both Skippy and Leroy, with hairs afire, were blown onto the 3 Street yellow center stripe.

What actually happened between the two of you, if I dare asking...?

Im sorry but i believe that fukin asshole splitz wen the woman is in the shower and they are not showin it .fukin done with that deal but she was sexy as Hell....i hate it if she got rippt off .i had any of those wimmin as find the dude and leave him broken........sorry.

His good friend, Leroy Calhoun, who had a few bucks saved up, became his partner.

School was out for the holidays, but all the kids still were hanging around the social soda fountain at Smith’s, and waving past the firecracker stand.

I've written this to clarify what you may have meant when you wrote it; Because what you wrote seems to mean other things, too. But, I still don't understand why you weren't able to keep her by your side.

Poor Leroy Calhoun was classified 4F as a result of the firecracker episode, and it prevented him from being drafted during the Korean War.

I’ve jammed a lot of oral history in these 515 words, but I’ve also left out a few things.

One observer lamented that tires were screeching as speeding cars careened through the burning debris and secondary explosions, trying to dodge human bodies and dangerous burning devices.

The first I knew about it was when my father yelled, “Quick, Bubba, get in the car, Skippy’s been blown up.” When he saw us walk into the hospital room his face lit up with a wide grin. But what a pitiful sight, with a blackened face, and bandages covering his body.

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