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The reporter of the article stated that in another strange twist, the same police officer that showed up at the sexual assault scene a year earlier was the first one to arrive at the scene of the Quad Recording shooting near Time Square.So, I researched more of what happened at the Quad Recording Studio and contacted Tupac’s trial lawyer who was representing him in the sexual assault case, which was happening at this same time.I asked him do you think the FBI is targeting Tupac like they targeted his parents with the Counter Intelligence Program .Michael Warren who was his lawyer at the time, said yes, and no one is writing about it.That’s how The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders came together.[LL]: In your book you highlight the family legacy of the Shakurs and their long-time work within the Black Liberation Movement, dating back to Marcus Garvey and the UNIA.This interview was conducted by telephone and transcribed verbatim.

A few years later I got into Public Enemy and A Tribe Called Quest.Based on 12 years of intense research, it includes over 1,000 endnotes, an assortment of FBI documents and over 100 interviews.Potash’s most recent book Drugs As Weapons Against Us was published earlier this year in May 2015.Shortly after, journalist, Connie Bruck did a very good article on Tupac for the New Yorker.In the article, she discussed the strange circumstances surrounding Tupac’s death.

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